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High unemployment rates is a serious dilemma and economic pain. Supporting entrepreneurs with a focus on youth and women in developing their business ideas and start-up companies (SMEs) will create more jobs. It is not only our mission, but “passion”. We believe in small enterprise development (SED) through consulting, mentoring and training as a tool to succeed and achieve our goals. We aim at generating value for our clients and entrepreneurs by leveraging the multidisciplinary knowledge of our experts, mentors, consultants, trainers, local and international networks and partners.

Translation of innovations to products and services through the professional business and acceleration services we are providing is the solution we believe in toward prosperity and better economy for the MENA region. Palestine is not an exception, taking the local context into consideration including the:

  • socio-economic and geo-political restrictions,
  • connected, dependent and weak economy,
  • small and limited market,
  • high unemployment rates among youth with
  • a huge pool of talents and graduates including females

We are fully aware of the existing context and obstacles and providing effective tools which will contribute in solving some of the challenges our entrepreneurs and the community at large are facing:

  • Capacity Building and Training: design, develop and delivery of SED training kits and materials.
  • Virtual acceleration services is an enabler and supporter for youth and talents during their journey in establishing their own businesses and start-up companies. High quality business services and creative solutions including the business planning and modeling, networking, marketing and access to finance.
  • The “One-Stop-Shop” helps entrepreneurs in assessing, recognizing and identifying the right path to follow.
  • Education is the core of our social responsibility. The right education, entrepreneurship and innovation eco-system is the way toward innovation-based economy and lower unemployment rate. Strengthening University-Industry interaction and joint activities and projects is one of our effective and examined tools.
  • We do believe in the Public Private Dialogue (PPD) and National Policies which is the right way and tool to support youth, SMEs and business clusters.

We are completely committed to meeting the needs of our clients. We believe in integrity, transparency and social responsibility, trust and customer satisfaction has always been our highest priority.

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The client is first and client satisfaction is our priority.

Self Employment is our game

1. Co-funding and co-founding of new startups and startup growth through Glow Acceleration Program.
2. Online freelancing and freelancing agencies through PALancers Academy and Cub

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Certified and expert consultants and trainers in economic development, entrepreneurship, business development, PSD and education
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We are providing wide range of Consulting Services in self employment, job creation, economic development, entrepreneurship, innovation, business acceleration, startup growth, investment and financing, marketing and others.