PALancers is “an Academy and Club for Palestinian Freelancers”. We aim at developing OFL industry and supporting professionals and graduates to work online by providing them with the needed skills and support for such business. Also, we are supporting the creation of “Freelancing Agencies” for dozens of them through Glow’s Business Acceleration Program. PALancers will help in creating new jobs especially among youth and graduates who are suffering from the high unemployment rates. It is an opportunity also for females in marginalized areas who are looking for jobs.

So far, many awareness workshops and training programs were conducted in all over Palestine including West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. Also, a Freelancing Mentorship program which targets five groups (three in West Bank, one in Gaza and one in Jerusalem).

Freelancing Club Palestine is a HUB and community for freelancers to meet, exchange knowledge and experience, motivate, encourage, inspire and support each other. We are building bridges with our diasporas and offering a platform for our youth to build their career.

Online Freelancing & OFL Agencies

الحاضنة الإذاعيةعنوان الحلقة العمل الحر عن طريق الإنترنتضيفنا المهندس حسن عمر

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